It’s kind of crazy to even be typing this right now. That picture represents the better part of 18 years of my life. Started off with hoop dreams and through the most circuitous path possible ended up with a camera in my hands. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve made friends and had experiences that just a couple years ago I would’ve never thought would be possible if you told me. It’s been a ride but I’m just incredibly grateful for all the people that believed in me along the way and gave me a chance. Back to the “about me”. I like anime, UNDERCOVER, college football and chopped & screwed music. If any of that interests you. I’ve got a penchant for storytelling and portraying life as I’ve experienced it. Calendars changed my life. Anyways, if you’ve read this far I appreciate you taking an interest and if you’re reading with the intent of working together on a project I appreciate you even more. Let’s get this bread.

I was also fortunate enough to get interviewed a while back by my friend Nico Rud for his blog, Chicago Creatives, which you can check out (HERE).



Instagram: @brankotsu